Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Where Have I Been?

Hey Friends! It's been a while and I have some explaining to do...

First and foremost - I'm alive, I've received a few comments from reader's over the last few months concerned about my welfare and while I am flattered, I am also completely fine. Truth is priorities were elsewhere and I've been happy about that.

I've been fortunate enough to have had two overseas holidays within the last few months, I've visited seven countries (some just in transit mind you), received a promotion, sent my partner off overseas for work for half a year (we are about half way through now), and recently became engaged. It's been a bit of a whirlwind.

Beyond a year ago I was not in a good place and to be perfectly frank I've really worked my arse off to evolve and overcome. That's meant implementing a plethora of tactics such as focusing on my career, fulfilling my thirst for wanderlust wherever possible, and cleansing my life of clutter - whether that be by distancing myself from people I perceive to be toxic to my wellbeing or by simply removing materialistic items weighing me down emotionally. It all sounds very narcissistic I know.

Part of that materialist cleanse has been distancing myself from somewhat of an obsessed makeup and beauty persona. I found myself becoming overwhelming frustrated by friends and family referring to me as a Beauty Blogger and not by any other distinguishable quality, more often than not I perceived this as purposely derogatory rather than than complimentary. There's a hell of a lot more to me than my opinion on a concealer. I took step back from the blog, I found myself resenting it more than anything. That's not to say that I stopped wearing makeup or washing my hair I just purposely focused on other things in my life for a time.

Some of that was work, photography, reading, meditation but mostly travelling. I've had such incredible experiences travelling, everything from bungee jumping from bridges to conquer my debilitating fear of heights, to hiking some of the most surreal landscapes, to being serenaded by two lovely German waiters in Berlin (Men at Work's Down Under), getting my first tattoo, photographing the most magnificent and awe inspiring horizons or simply the fact that I was solo travelling as a young female and feeling like a fucking bad ass doing it.

I've decided that while Beauty Wanderer will remain predominately a beauty and lifestyle site I'm going to focus a lot more energy into quality lifestyle content, introducing travel posts, personal growth posts, mental wellbeing, products or brands that have captured my attention, interior inspiration, health food and more. Beauty, skincare and makeup will of course still play a big role in Beauty Wanderer I would just very much like to refrain from simply posting review after review of the latest and greatest products, I have much more to offer and share with the world.

Beauty Wanderer is also getting a wee facelift, it's time for a whole new look and feel to the site. Things are feeling a little lacklustre around here and change is always a good thing. Stay tuned Beauties, I've missed you! x

P.S I hope you enjoy a couple of my snaps from my travels!


Monday, October 17, 2016

The October Edit

The October Edit

Good lordy it's been a hot minute since my last favourites round up! 

I could list a thousand excuses as to why the blog has been a little quite over the last few months but the fact of the matter is that my priorities have had to have been elsewhere, I scored a big promotion at work and I've been working my but off, most days the last thing I want to do after coming home is stare at another computer screen. It sucks but I'm working on regaining the passion, forgive me.

I'm a sucker for a mini mascara, this love for the itty bitty tubes stems from my strict two month mascara rule and the fact that I can trial a high end mascara often for the price of a budget mascara. Over the last two months I've been enjoying the Benefit Roller Lash Mascara, is it just me or do Benefit kill it with their mascaras each and every damn time? This new-ish mascara release from Benefit is the perfect mix of lush black pigment, flexible hold, doll eye curl, length for days and light non clumpy volume.

A few months ago I upgraded my phone to the Samsung S7 (freaking fabulous by the way) and I have been loving mixing up my phone covers, right now I am hooked on the Casetify So Quiet Transparente phone case, something about the mint green sea foam pattern makes my inner beach bum feel a little bit better about being stuck behind a desk all day.

It has been quite a few months now since I reviewed both the Rimmel Moisture Renew Sheer & Shine Lipsticks* and the Rimmel Kate Scultping Palette in Coral Glow* but I can honestly say most days I reach for both. My go to lipstick shade at the moment is Better & Brighter which is a beautiful sheer brown rose nude and there hasn't been a day for the last two and a bit months that I haven't used this contour palette, it's beautiful and definitely travelling with my overseas in December.

My favourite powder this year has been the It Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores Pressed Powder, it's perfection in a compact, particularly for disguising my enlarged pores over my cheeks and for smoothing my under eye area. I've hit major pan and a repurchase is on the cards very soon.

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